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So Many Idiots on Stumbleupon

Recently on a collection of pictures became popular on Stumbleupon.

It was just a funny collection of babies. It contains various photos from baby food on the face to snot boogers. Not much you could find wrong with that except for a few valedictorians who love to give their two cents. One of them actually gave more than that. This is his profile pic:

He writes: "Pretty funny, but stolen." ausername123 - profile Profile Description: ausername123 is a 29 year old guy from British Columbia, USA

Thanks for the comment and your user name. Thanks because your comment lets us know you can read a watermark and for your user name shows off that you can count to 3.

Here is another one who reviewed the collection with simply: "stolen"

OceanPacific921 - profile

Thanks, good review OceanPacific921.

She takes her stumbling very seriously.
This one is my favorites: "Saw it before, saw it coming..... and the verdict is....... LAME!"

We sit in judgment of OceanPacific921 - reviews
Oh sorry, Profile Description: "Mat is a person from Pennsylvania, USA." I assumed girl after the profile pic. Now I don't know.

And now my favorite, this guy:

poptart2nd. Who obviously spends a lot of time with girls and not all day on his computer. He is the second of the poptart line. Even more pop..tarty than his father poptart the 1st.

His review was like fire! He really nailed it. Even more than the others and writes:

"all of those pictures were stolen from "" and they aren't even fails or funny."

Oh YEAH! "all of those pictures." He noticed that not one, but all of them were from Amazing. I really do not know how he does it.....

Wait, I think i see something. Do you see it? Nope, I lost it.
Lets try another one:

Here! Right here. Right under my. No, no. It's gone now.

More from this guy and his poison keyboard: -poptart2nd reviews-. He does not hold back. He just lets his stupid fly. What a rebel.

So, here is the point and what chives me other than Mr Tart's face. Their "reviews" all had a common them of "Stolen". No way! really? Our three highly educated detectives have no idea what they are looking at. Even if they were stolen from Daily Humors who stole them from my first you think my first fail got them by holding a baby picture roadshow? Oh, I know, they followed random kids around with a camera. That is more likely for sure. But no, just like everyone else, they collect it from the interwebs and market it off as their own. The actual crime, in this case, was done by my first for putting their brand on something that is obviously not theirs, but thanks to poptart2nd we can rest knowing that our internets is clean and from the original source.

Mine now.

Steal this:

The my first fail collection: There's Always a First Time for Everything (87 pics)

The Stumbleupon Page: there-s-always-a-first-time-for-everything

Props to: myfirstfail for finding these pics and props to Daily Humors for making a collection of them for me to "steal."

Seriously, if the person who actually took the photo asks me to take them down, it is down.....wiiiith the comment, "I would suggest not putting them on the internet in the future if you dont want them shared."

Schlank Rant Complete.

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